In case you aren't quite tech-savvy or in case you haven't managed a hosting server, you may have some difficulties in particular scenarios when you must handle a virtual or a dedicated hosting server. Because every standalone hosting machine has its own Os and various programs and processes running, you shall most probably encounter different problems such as a frozen process or one that's loading the machine tremendously. With a shared internet hosting account all of these things are handled by the company, but this is not the case when you use a server of your own, and so you need to resolve the problems yourself. If you do not have the abilities or the time to manage such matters, you may consider the Managed Services upgrade that we offer. Amongst other things, it offers 24/7 monitoring of your hosting server and the processes running on it, so if anything happens, our administrators can easily resolve the issue and restart the machine to recover its proper operation.
Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers
Adding the Managed Services package to your dedicated server service is as simple as clicking a button on the order page or inside your billing Control Panel and as long as the service is enabled, our system admins will keep tabs on all system processes on your hosting server 24/7 in order to make certain that everything is functioning precisely how it should. An automated system shall notify them as soon a problem appears, so they can troubleshoot it to determine what created it and will then take care of it very quickly. Frozen processes, software elements that have shut down or apps that employ far too much physical memory are only a few examples of the things our knowledgeable staff will look for and handle. A third-party monitoring firm can only tell you that there is some issue with a specific system service, but they'll lack the means to do anything about it since they shall not able to access your server.